Microwave oven kilns allow you to fuse glass jewelry, process silver metal clay or fire ceramics in an ordinary microwave oven.
A microkiln is a small sized kiln that uses microwaves to heat and fuse glass.

The microwave kiln is safe to use in any microwave oven but firing times will vary depending on wattage. (Another website recommends avoiding microwave ovens exceeding 1,100 watts. I tend to agree with this because glass can shatter if fired too fast). Another brand specifies 800-1000watt microwaves and NEVER an Emerson brand. (I assume they did a lot of testing before they excluded Emersons.) Do not fire longer than recommended firing times. Allow 20 to 30 minutes between firings to allow the microwave oven to cool. The small microwave that I have uses 950 watts and it generally takes 5 minutes to fully fuse a pendant, but it may take only 4 minutes or less in a 1200 watt microwave oven.
[from www.microwavekiln.com ]

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